We’ve spent the last few months building out what we believe to be the simplest and fastest way for anyone to launch a token with zero knowledge of coding.

Our goal at Metarcade is to build innovative launchpads for the everyday user. The Metarcade Token Launchpad is our first contribution to those efforts. We’re excited to hear feedback from the community, but more importantly implement those changes to build the best product possible.

  • ERC-20 Token Launchpad
  • Deploy to any supported network (ETH, BSC, POLY)
  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • Contract Ownership
  • Launch in minutes
Launchpad Demo Promo Video

Contracts deployed right from your wallet instantly.

We’ve built our launchpad so your connected wallet is the wallet deploying the contract. Often times, platforms that help you launch your token will launch it on your behalf and then transfer ownership. We simply want to empower our users to create, so that’s why everything developed on Metarcade is owned 100% by the creator starting at launch.

Metarcade Holder Benefits

We’re excited for the opportunities the launchpad will create for our holders. Each Metarcade holder will receive a position in every partnered token launch through the platform.

Project Early Access

Receive a portion of every partnered launched.

Staking Rewards

Share on all launchpad generated fees.

Audited Contracts

Hold with confidence & certainty.

Vetted Partnerships

Partnering with only the most promising projects.

Automated Positions

Earn multiple new token positions monthly.

Metarcade Early Access

Early access members gain even more rewards.

Token Generating Token EARN

It sounds funny but that’s exactly how holding $META works. With every new partnered project you will receive a portion of the total balance of tokens for that project. So not only will you earn on the success of $META but also the success of any token launched. The best part of all…there’s no risk for holding these tokens. You earn them simply for holding $META.

Official Partners Community

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Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below are answers to a few of the more detailed questions. If you haven’t found the answers you’re looking for please let us know and we’ll gladly update as some others may have the same questions!

Not just yet! The launchpad is currently undergoing a round of user testing. We will soon announce Beta access to $META holders.

There are multiple options you can select when launching a token, but we do have an absolutely free option as well!

Nope! We encourage anyone who's interested in launching a token or learning more about crypto to interact with the launchpad.

We believe so! We like to say 'It's so easy its like playing a game' which is why you'll see such a creative interface for Launchpad Version 1.0

We will partner with new projects to help launch their token. The agreement of that partnership will be for a X% of total balance to be allocated for $META holder rewards. Those rewards will then be air-dropped prior to the token launch.

Rewards are actually the tokens for the partnered project. This means you will hold positions in multiple coins with 0 risk. Those rewards shouldn't be dependent on the success of the $META token but the success of that individual project.

Although, we encourage everyone to hold $META. It benefits our holders more to hold a position in each of the tokens. This way as we help with marketing and push the success of new projects, those rewards will be earned relative to that projects success. So this way, if one token is having a bad day, the others will make up for it.

Not exactly. You will only receive rewards on what we'll refer to as 'Partnered Launches' or 'Official Launch'. These are projects and teams who the Metarcade team has fully vetted and doxxed with to ensure the safety of our holders. We hope there are 100's of tokens launched daily for either educational purposes or testing so we want to be sure our holders are clear on what they're being sent.

We have some pretty cool tech but an even better community. All of our 'Official Launch' partners will receive full-time support and consultation from the Metarcade team as well as community. There's nothing better than launching your token with a base of holders ready to see your project succeed.

The team behind Metarcade has helped with the launch and success of multiple tokens and projects in the space. We are excited to put everything we've learned throughout the last 6 years in the space and help take your project to the next level.

There are no upfront costs for launching with Metarcade. As apart of the agreement, your project will allocate X% of tokens to be dispersed across all of our holders encouraging them to help spread the word about your project.

As apart of the $META Rewards, there will be a vetting period for the reward tokens to ensure you are confident in our partnership. Our holders will be encouraged to hold your token as well as it will be getting the full Metarcade treatment.

The current configuration of the launchpad allows you to deploy an ERC-20 Contract to any supported network such as Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, etc.

Absolutely! There are multiple views including a 'Simple' view which will make the launchpad just a few click. You name your token, set the symbol and tell us how many tokens you want and that's it, you click launch and it's live.

Once the token is deployed you will have the ability to create a pair on uniswap and begin trading. That's a few extra steps and takes some prior knowledge but if you keep an eye out, we may just have that launchpad coming too!

That all depends on what kind of wallet you connected to launch your token. To see the steps on how to add your token address to your wallet click here.